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Air Cargo without data- a big black hole

BeCon Projects is glad to announce that its participation in TIACA’s 28th ACF in Paris last
month came successfully to a conclusion. Having exhibited for the first time, CEO Uwe
Beck states: “We are pleased to have been present with our own booth at the ACF this
year. We believe that the only way for our industry to move forward is through discussing
recent trends and developments openly and critically. Events such as the ACF present an
ideal platform for this.”
Representing one of the leading Air Cargo Consulting firms, Mr. Beck spoke as a panelist
about “The Cargo Hub of the future”. Chaired by the Head of Cargo at Delhi Airports, Sanjiv
Edward, the leading topic of the session was innovation, portrayed by issues such as JITshipments,
e-commerce, and RFID. The panelists gave their professional insights to the
crucial questions of what cargo hubs will be characterized by in the future and whether
Cargo is a neglected area of investment.
Wrapping up his core recommendation, Uwe Beck underlined that “the industry needs to
step back from the old-fashioned thinking in terms of what a hub can do. The gamechanger
in our industry is data, and added: “We need to understand where shipments are
at any time in the process, from the moment the freight comes into the facility ‘till it leaves
again, otherwise we’re operating in a big black hole”.
Drawing an overall positive conclusion from the get-together of industry experts in Paris,
Mr. Beck is looking forward for BeCon Projects to take part in the next TIACA ACF in
Toronto, two years from now.

Mr. Beck on the TIACA Panel “The Cargo Hub of the future”

BeCon Projects booth and Partners (From left to right):
Uwe Beck CEO BC, Mark Diamond ICF, Kristin Beck Marketing BC, Jack Keery SASI, Stan Wraight SASI

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