Next Generation of BeCon Projects Starts as a Duo  

Important for the next transformation of BeCon Projects to sustain our services to the industry is the following announcement: we are very pleased to have the younger generation on board with Christian Leffler, who has been leading several projects already over the last two years. 

It is a pleasure to share that the group CEO’s daughter, Kristin Beck, has decided to join BeCon Projects full-time. The aim is to keep the legacy of BeCon Projects alive for a long lasting future as a family-owned business. Together with Christian Leffler, we are now forming a transition team including the necessary know-how transfer to continuously support our present and future customers on the same high level of service. 

Kristin gained experience in leadership, as Product Owner for several IT tools, translations and documentation platforms in other industries during the last years. Thus she is adding a different perspective to BC, which is benefitting our company.  She already worked in the Air Cargo industry for BC back in 2016/2017, where she actively participated in certain events such as TIACA Air Cargo Paris. She was also co-author of a chapter of “Pharma Logistic” published at Springer Gabler using the benefits of the COOL Finnair Nordic Cargo terminal as an example (

Looking forwards to this next step of BeCon Projects – good luck Kristin  

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