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Preparation freight airplane before flight. Loading of cargo containers against jet engine of plane.

Air Cargo Handling & Operations Optimization

Our Philosophy: “Form Follows Function”
What drives any investment? The driver is to make solid profit for a long period of time. To be competitive under highest international quality standards and to remain it. We help you accomplish that. 

What we Offer:
  • Integrating of international security and safety standards
  • Special product-handling (perishables, pharmaceuticals, dangerous hoods, valuables etc.)
  • Covering maintainability, documentation and training
  • Developing the final business model in terms of investment & schedule
  • On-demand by the customer we are able to provide the entire project-management during the realization phase & support also the first month of operational integration
How does BeCon Projects approach project planning/development?
  • Analyzing the exact demands for the business of the client
  • Supporting & questioning the path to success (question catalogue)
  • Detailed definition & review of the aims together with the client
  • Developing the operational standards & procedures (SOPs)
  • Design of proposals under the premises of an economic & technological view (AutoCAD)
  • Presentation of business models & investment structures
  • Simulation of processes
  • Optimum of integration/interaction between operation, IT & material
  • Handling systems/components
  • Modularity approach (investment towards the business growth)

We help you improve the way you handle cargo goods.


Project Management

Our Philosophy: “Communication & Know-How”
Due to our long-term experience with projects of up to 300 million euros of investment, we not only understand the importance of a professional project management, we have also proven that we can successfully execute it.

What we Offer:

  • Project-Management of complex projects, especially where high-level operation, IT & material Flow solutions have to be integrated
  • Project-scheduling
  • Experienced specialist engineers
  • State-of-the art professional tooling
  • Reporting
  • Integration of construction, MHS-Systems & automation (including host IT systems)
  • Acceptance tests
  • Variation management
  • Quantity surveying

We provide individual consulting to set up your project plan.


Business Development

Our Philosophy: “Vibrant International Networking”

Based on our years of experience, we have built strong contacts to industry leaders. Our aim is to determine the client’s business needs, demand and get the right partners together.

What we Offer:

  • Budget and business development plan
  • Our partners cover the regions:
    China, the Middle East, South America & Europe.

Develop your business with us.

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Architectural Predesign - Building Concepts

Our Philosophy: Form Follows Function

Designing new terminals can be challenging. Especially if you don’t know exactly what you want. We compile a catalogue with specific questions and use the answers to design a layout with our expertise. 

What we Offer:

  • 3D Building drawings
  • Detailled layout designs of Material Handling Systems integrated in facilities

Visualize your cargo terminal with our expertise.

Why Choose Becon Projects

BeCon Projects believes in sustainable solutions, which help your business accomplish projects faster, choose the right suppliers which fit your needs while keeping an eye on your bottom line. We accompany you every step of the way.


We combine years of experience in the Air Cargo industry as consultants with engineering know-how and strong partnerships. Therefore, we provide dedicated and customized consulting to tackle your specific business, IT & operational needs.

200 Man-Years of Experience

State-of-the-Art Tools

Quick Turnaround

Dedicated Specialists

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