Air Cargo Consultancy BeCon Projects attends World Cargo Summit

Meet us from the Air Cargo consultancy, BeCon Projects, 1:1 during the World Cargo Summit (World Cargo Summit 2024 | starting January 29th at the Hyatt Regency Bangkok, Thailand. We look forward to seeing you in Bangkok at the end of the month!

 It’s time to kick off this year’s Air Cargo event season! Let us know if you’ll be there, and let’s discuss the future of our industry with fresh minds and bright ideas. Air Cargo events are important for us as consultants since they present a unique chance to connect with industry leaders and members from all over the globe. It is crucial to know which events to attend and to allocate your resources accordingly. Since a lot of our clients will be present in Bangkok, we will make the time to listen to their speeches, panel discussions and to their individual challenges. 




As an Air Cargo consultancy, BeCon Projects, learns through formats such as the World Cargo Summit what challenges our clients are facing in 2024. We know how difficult investing into brownfield refurbishment of material handling systems (MHS) can be. Also, upgrading the IT landscape to modernize processes is not easy. Neither is managing a greenfield project represents.

There are just so many factors to keep in mind and if you take your eyes off your project just for one second. This can seriously impact its effectiveness in dealing with suppliers. That is what we are here for: To have your back and guide you through the different phases of upgrade or implementation projects in the Air Cargo environment.

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