Progress of WFS Facility JFK

We had two exciting days with our partners in New York. For the first time we were able to visit the building site of the newly developed Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) facility at JFK. You could already see how big and impressive the building will be once it is finished. It is always nice to see your ideas and visions of a design become reality. It is still a long journey to the finished facility and to see the operation work in their new environment. We are looking forward to continuing this journey together with Realterm and WFS as well as Lödige Industries who is installing the fully automated Material Handling System.

Also great thanks to Lehrer Cumming and WFS for preparing the workshop we had where we discussed many topics related to the operation but also to IT. Special thanks to Rinzing Wangyal for your leadership in WFS. Your and your team’s input in all our meetings and workshops is highly appreciated.

We will keep you updated in regard to the progress of this project!

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