How AI could help with ULD build-up


This blog post aims to touch upon enhancing ULD build-up efficiency with AI-driven optimization. The efficient build-up of ULDs is critical for air cargo logistics. By leveraging AI techniques, the industry could improve the ULD build-up process, leading to a more efficient resource utilization, lower costs, and better customer experiences. However, factors such as limited space available for building ULDs are an issue in the Air Cargo industry. There is an ever-increasing need for optimal cargo placement.

Use cases of AI for ULD build-up

When it comes to dynamic batching, AI might help. ULDs scheduled for the same outbound flight should be built up in temporal and spatial proximity. This minimizes transportation overhead and allows efficient cargo movement.

AI models, which have been pre-trained, can predict optimal ULD configurations. These would be based on cargo characteristics, weight distribution, and flight constraints. 

Precision robotics

AI-optimized ULD build-up plans are automatically executed using precision gantry robots. These robots arrange cargo in an optimized sequence, resulting in fast, reliable, and secure build-ups. (Solution for flight capacity and ULD optimization — SKYPALLET (

3D modeling for ULD build-up optimization using a volumetric scanner is also worthwhile to mention: (

Another point to be mentioned is the power of quantum-backed analytics.
• Unisys Logistics Optimization: This solution combines AI predictive modeling, quantum-powered analytics, and machine learning for continuous improvement. (Quantum IQ for Logistics Management | Unisys)
• Capacity Optimization: Plan optimal ULD builds in near-real-time, filling every nook and cranny efficiently. Quantum computing accelerates load optimization, maximizing overall capacity and revenue.
• Route Optimization: Optimize parcel delivery routes with minimal touches, leveraging AI-driven routing algorithms.

Benefits and implementation

Responding promptly to disruptions by automating ULD rebuilds. Faster build-up times lead to improved flight schedules and resource utilization. Cost savings are another benefit due to reduced labor costs and better space utilization contribute to overall savings. You can speed up operations using quantum computing and AI and improve on-time performance and safety. 

Increased chargeable weight as explained by Wiremind, as explained in Solution for flight capacity and ULD optimization — SKYPALLET (



By harnessing AI and quantum computing, airlines, ground handlers, and freight forwarders can revolutionize the process of ULD build-up, ensuring efficient cargo placement and optimized use of resources.

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