Spotlight on our top employee

We are so excited that the renowned platform, CargoForwarderGlobal, has created a portrait of one of our top employees, Kristin Beck. Such a portrait gives new talent the opportunity to shine. We are very proud of her achievements and were especially touched about the reason for her joining the industry. The author, Brigitte Gledhill, has a talent of combining industry insights with a fresh perspective and a new, fun way of asking the concerned industry experts questions.

Her advice for new hires in the article was to be pragmatic and go to work each day with passion and a hands-on mentality. 


Especially touching is her statement about why she keeps working for the Air Cargo industry: “I would advise anyone who joins the industry to first start with familiarizing themselves with the industry’s supply chain and how it works. Then, speak to your manager on how to get really good at your job fast, and show up each day with a hands-on mentality.”


Spotlight on… Kristin Beck, Management Advisor, BeCon Projects GmbH | CargoForwarder Global

Kristin Beck, Management Advisor at BeCon Projects (left)
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